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    I&#039;m having this little problem in my project. I have consulted some people they don’t know either. I would appreciate any assistance here.<BR>Ok I have a loop that iterates through some record set in SQL 2000 database. There in one column called ID. The entries in this column are supposed to be hyperlinks to their respective images.<BR>This line below is what I’m using to do this operation. But I get a strange error and no matter what I did it doesn’t work for me.<BR><BR>Response.Write "&#060;td&#062; &#060;a href="";http://localhost/Project1/images/a-" & rst("Image_num") & ".jpg&#039;)""&#062;" & rst("code") & "&#060;/a&#062;&#060;/td&#062;"<BR><BR>This line that I ‘m using complies fine at runtime <BR>My images are stored in /Project1/images directory.<BR>And you can see the exact nature of the problem here at my homepage page URL:<BR><BR><BR><BR>Again I would be extremely gratefully for any comments suggestion.<BR>Thanks.

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