Hi,<BR><BR>I have succesfully created a message board using ASP and an SQL server but have a problem.<BR><BR>I need to show in the message details the message thread. For example if you click the parent message you will see the parent message but above it you will see the parent message title with all associated messages.<BR><BR>My problem is I don&#039;t know how I can releate each message to the Parent message. Currently one message is linked to another message by a reply field (I specify the message id they reply to) and I just loop through each message.<BR><BR>I know if the message is the parent as the replyid will be 0. Otherwise each message will contain the ID (replyid) to message theyb are a reply to.<BR><BR>Any idea how I can associate the parent with each message? Can I do this in a SQL query or do I need to make a parentid column and save the parentid for each message?<BR><BR>cheers<BR><BR>Mark :)