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    Several questions:<BR>Suppose I have a medium traffic website<BR><BR>Usually, if click the "add to cart" when you are not a memeber, the items will add to the database. The computer will generate an unique session ID for you.<BR><BR>Is this sessionID in conjunction with the items are added into the database?? If the user does not order anything and close the browser, how about the stuff that have been put in the database??<BR>Who delete the records?? Is that everynight or every hour, a person will use sql to delete the record manually, or can the system done that after the session time has gone???<BR><BR>If the user has already signed in, will the items he added share the same database table with those of the non-signed in customers described in the above questions??<BR><BR>I am using<BR><BR>Any web site recommend on how to build a good online shopping database?? Thanks<BR><BR><BR><BR>

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    A lot of what you ask, comes down to design preference, not right or wrong.<BR><BR>A few things I would suggest...Try<BR>look at some of the shooping carts they offer. Downlaod a free one or two, and pick them apart. See what they do, if they have any ideas that you can build on.<BR><BR>Also...If you&#039;re in for a book, try Sam&#039;s Teach Yourself E-Commerce Programming with ASP in 21 Days.<BR>

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