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    Hi, I am trying to generate a drop down menu with a series of dates in it, starting with the Current month and year and going back 12 months, i.e. Starting with "April 2002" going back to "May 2001". Is there any way of doing this using the standard date formatting, I have looked everywhere and cannot see a way of doing this - the only way I can think of is taking 30 days away from the date, which wont always be accurate.<BR><BR>I hope someone can help me :)<BR>Thanks

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    response.write "&#060;select name=&#039;dates&#039;&#062;"<BR>for i = 0 to 11<BR> pm = dateadd("m",-i,date())<BR> response.write "&#060;option value=" & pm & "&#062;" & monthname(month(pm)) & " " & year(pm)) & "&#060;/option&#062;"<BR>next<BR>response.write "&#060;/select&#062;"

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