Rushi A Shroff<BR>3A-302,Dheeraj Upvan,<BR>Opp Sidhdharth Nagar,Near National Park,<BR>Western Express Highway,Borivali(E)<BR>Mumbai.India <BR><BR><BR>OBJECTIVE:< BR>Being a Senior Software Engineer, to develop applications, which are state of art, completely integrated, user-friendly and vary scalable that caters to the high-end automation on the web. Engineered on the strong Client/Server n tier Technologies, to provide a high degree of flexibility, reliability, robustness and seamless integration has always been my top priority to develop applications, which are very easy to use and easy to maintain. <BR><BR>SUMMARY: <BR>· Cutting edge knowledge of Web Technologies/Internet Concepts.<BR>· Around more than 2 Years+ experience on live projects.<BR>· BE in Instrumentation and Control from Government Engg College.<BR>· Proficient with ASP, JavaScript/ JScript, HTML,MS-Access, VB Script, Dhtml, MS-SQL, COM(VB), Windows DNA<BR>Dream Weaver, Web site Development, Web site administration, Web site uploading,<BR>· Familiar with VB.NET, VB 6.0, MTS, Oracle 8i, jsp, Servlets, Applets, Java <BR>· Maintaining higher degree of quality in software processes.<BR>· Also coding and documentation as per ISO standards. <BR>· One of the Top Experts for ASP at the most popular forum for software developers. Also articles published on various technical issues.<BR><BR>Senior Software Engineer, Dec 2001 Onwards <BR>EmQube InterActive Pvt<BR>Marine Lines based offshore development/Interactive firm responsible for developing many applications for clients of Switzerland, the UK, the USA,<BR>Kuwait and the UAE.<BR><BR>PROJECT I : WWW.OffersForYou.COM<BR> Duration : Dec 2001<BR>Tools : ASP, COM, JavaScript, Dhtml (Microsoft), MS- ACCESS, Dream Weaver<BR> As the name suggests, this site is about posting ads online for buy and <BR> sell.<BR>Exclusive search engine facility is provided to search ads on various criteria. <BR>The most challenging part about this application was the database was formatted by mistake and entire site was in SQL where Stored Procedures<BR>Were used extensively. So redesigned the database looking at pages of App.<BR><BR>PROJECT II : PMS-Customer Relationship Management<BR> Prospect Management System<BR> Duration : Jan 2002<BR> Tools : ASP, COM, SQL Server, JavaScript, Dream weaver <BR>This site is a prototype of SalesForce.COM which is a leader in CRM. This application provides CRM solutions to companies to resolve their CRM headaches. Designed by high quality standards, this application is going to be sold as a product to clients. <BR> Database is normalized up to 5th Normal Form. Also maintained all<BR> Quality techniques/ coding tips by Microsoft for high scalability and<BR> Robustness. Going to be online soon. <BR> <BR> Programmer/ Web Developer, October 2000 –Nov-2001<BR> Princeton Software Exports, SEEPZ, Mumbai. <BR>ISO 9001 certified Company is a wholly owned subsidiary of UII corporation, New Jersey, USA <BR>Based in prestigious SEEPZ, Princeton Software holds reputed name within the Corporate World for providing high end software solutions- onsite through consultants having rich client set as<BR>Siemens, L&TITL, BPCL, IIT(M), Kotak Mahindra,ILFS etc .<BR><BR>CLIENT I : JOHNSON & JOHNSON<BR> Duration : July 2001<BR>I was the main web architect for the ambitious online B2B project of this multinational company. It replaces the old process of evaluating the distributors through hard copy using Indian Postal services and completely automates this process through the new media-Internet. <BR><BR>PROJECTS :<BR> Tools : ASP, COM, JavaScript, Dhtml(Microsoft),MS-ACCESS<BR> This application includes evaluation process for all India distributors<BR>Which involves self as well company evaluations set by different criteria’s. Also there is a big administration section. We can filter all the scores Criteria wise maximum or minimum etc. Also we can calculate average scores. There is a facility of updating scores also. <BR> <BR>CLIENT II : INFRASTRUCTURE LEASING & FINANCIAL SERVICES, <BR> MUMBAI <BR>Duration: March 2001-June 2001.<BR>Technical onsite Consultant for SchoolNet India Ltd., Mumbai. Managed complex programming of creating Tree Structure for Swiss web site based on the concept of Network Marketing. Www.MangoPeople.Com.<BR><BR>PROJECTS : www.MangoPleople.Com<BR> Client : Mango Group, Zurich, Switzerland <BR> Tools : ASP, MS-SQL<BR> I have handled the most critical part of positioning of members through various ways in the Tree. The web site is based on the Network Marketing Concept and offers all features of B2B and B2C.Also handled Tree Compression that is useful when member disqualifies. <BR><BR>Bug Tracking system : This is the report generating system that is used by internal system for entering all status of bugs within a particular project.<BR><BR>CLIENT III : BHARAT PETROLEUM CORPORATION LTD.(R),MUMBAI<BR>Duration : Octo-2000-Jan 2000<BR>Served as Technical onsite Consultant for Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd., Mumbai. Solely managed all web related (Microsoft web Development) activities in Petroleum Company.<BR><BR>PROJECTS : ASP, client side VBScript, HTML, MS-SQL, Dhtml, Mappimail(Intranet Software)<BR>Developed Firelog Security System for internal fire security department. This web application is a classical example of maintaining security in large corporations through web. Shift wise all security personnel come and update the data. Auto generated mail shoots when abnormal condition happens.<BR><BR>· Developed Suggestion scheme to be used by all 5000<BR>Employees of the corporation.<BR>· Developed Online Medical Consultation System for employees.<BR>· Also updating Shift Superintendent for internal system.<BR> <BR>CLIENT IV : QUALITY DEPARTMENT, PRINCETON SOFTWARE<BR> Project : ISO-CONTROL OF DOCUMENTS<BR> Duration : August-2001 onwards<BR> Tools : ASP, JavaScript, HTML,MS-ACCESS, Dhtml(Microsoft)<BR>This application automates the process of raising RRFs, reviewing and approving them. Basically this is an intranet application.<BR>The most significant feature of this application is file uploads are done Not using costly Upload components but using free Windows Scripting Component. <BR><BR>CLIENT V : HUMAN RESOURCE DEPARTMENT,PRINCETON <BR> SOFTWARE<BR> Project : Human Resource Management System<BR> Duration : Feb-2001<BR>Tools : ASP, JavaScript, HTML,MS-SQL &#062; Stored Procedures &#062; Views<BR> Developing Human Resource Management System for internal HR Department. An internet based search engine/Analyzer to maintain all activities Of all 300 employees comprises of Graphics components<BR> and stored procedures for high end analysis. Graphics is the most <BR> Prominent feature of this application. <BR><BR> <BR>Junior Programmer, December 1999-Septamber 2000.<BR>SoftSpark Technologies Ltd, Vashi, Navi Mumbai, India.Navi Mumbai based portal development company directly responsible for developing well known sites like, etc.<BR>· Served as web developer and e-commerce professional.<BR>· Solely developed and uploaded that.<BR>· Contributed in several web sites as, and<BR>· Teaching of whole e-commerce course in SoftSpark Careers.<BR><BR>PROJECTS : ASP, JavaScript, HTML, MS-Access, Dhtml<BR>· Solely developed and uploaded<BR>· An E-Diary with 4600 users currently maintaining account<BR>· Planner/Auto reminders/ Appointments/ Birth dates & Anniversaries/Exclusive Search/ Mass mail facility etc.<BR>· Continuously updating, administering the site.<BR>· Done an important work on search section with that is an alumni site.<BR>EDUCATION: <BR> Bachelor of Engineering in Instrumentation & Control,1999.<BR> Gujarat University, Ahmedabad, Gujarat<BR> Graduated from Government College Of Engineering, Gandhinagar.<BR> Aggregate percentage : 58 %<BR> <BR> E-Commerce course from ExtraConnect Inc.,December-1999<BR> Have undergone full time E-Commerce course from ExtraConnect <BR> Inc.,Vashi, Navi Mumbai.<BR><BR> Courses taken included :<BR>E-Commerce Basics &#062; Visual Interdev &#062; ASP 2.0 Cute FTP &#062; HTML 4 &#062; MS-SQL &#062; MS-Access 97/2000 DHTML &#062; JavaScript &#062; Internet Concepts.<BR><BR> Web Technologies Module at <BR> Concourse Information Technology International Ltd. <BR> Dadar.-December 2000<BR> Courses taken included :<BR> OOPS &#062; Basic Java &#062; Applets &#062; JDBC &#062; RMI<BR> Servlets &#062; Java beans &#062; Socket Programming &#062; Jsp <BR> <BR> Princeton Training, Aug 2001<BR> VB 6.0, Oracle 8I, PL-SQL<BR> <BR> Self Training<BR> VB.NET Framework<BR><BR>SKILLS : <BR>· Excellent spoken and written abilities in English.<BR>· Excellent communication abilities<BR>REFERENCE :<BR> Mr Sanjeev Parkar,<BR> Manager- Human Resource,<BR> Princeton Software Exports,<BR> SDF-1,SEEPZ,Mumbai. <BR> Phone : 8290065(212)<BR><BR><BR> Phone no of all clients will be provided if requested. <BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>