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    hello<BR>I am trying to create automated email at the end of Database addtion .<BR>For tht <BR>i have written following code<BR><BR>&#060;%@ Import Namespace="System.Web.Mail" %&#062;<BR><BR>and at the End<BR><BR>Dim objMailMessage as MailMessage<BR>objMailMessage=new MailMessage<BR>objMailMessage.From=txtEmail.Text<B R>objMailMessage.To=""<BR>ob jMailMessage.Subject="Thank You For Enquiry"<BR>objMailMessage.Body="We will Be Back with Details"<BR>objMailMessage.Priority=MailPriority.H igh<BR><BR>SmtpMail.Send(objMailMessage)<BR><BR><B R>it generates an error saying tht SendUsing Configuration is Invalid....... What is Wrong with the code........ or do ineed to make any modifications<BR>Dhiraj

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    Default post exact error <eom>


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