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    Hi !<BR><BR>im just finishing a login system, and was wondering whats the best approch.<BR><BR>my login table exist of:<BR><BR>ID &#039; that increments by 1 <BR>loginName<BR>loginPass<BR>etc<BR><BR>when the user succesfully logs in , it the best way to store the<BR>ID of the user, or loginName and loginPassword in the session?<BR><BR>cause later on i gonna use storedprocedures that get all the info about the user.<BR><BR>tia magnus <BR><BR>(something unclear, please dont hesitate to ask)

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    Not sure if there is a best way to do anything!<BR><BR>If your running security checks throughout your site or you want to use the login information later on I can&#039;t see a problem with using session variables to store this information, in fact thats what I do on our intranet.<BR><BR>Matt

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