When the lights went down in SQL-town?

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Thread: When the lights went down in SQL-town?

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    Default When the lights went down in SQL-town?

    If my SQL server goes down for any reason, I'd like to automate a new default page so that there is no error or timeout. Since it is an ODBC error that occurs rather than an HTTP error it isn't as simple as creating a custom error page, or is it? HELP!

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    Why don&#039;t you check for a connection on the default page and redirect if one can&#039;t be established?<BR><BR>Marios Alexandrou<BR>Web and Desktop Software Developer<BR>http://www.mariosalexandrou.com

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    Default Good start...

    ...but what if the problem occurs between the time you toss up an HTML page and the time the form posting is returned for processing?<BR><BR>I don&#039;t see why you couldn&#039;t simply trap the error and, as an emergency measure, write the same info to a text file, an Access DB, a ".csv" file, or try to connect to an alternate SQL Server, even.<BR><BR>It&#039;s not really hard. Just wrap all the code from connection open to end of the SQL Update (or Insert) invocation in an ON ERROR RESUME NEXT...ON ERROR GOTO 0 blocking. Check the connection for errors; if you had any, then use the emergency backup plan to write the same data to someplace else.<BR><BR>

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