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    Sometimes pictures on web pages that I have created load with half of the picture cut off. Does anyone know what to actually do about this? I can't just download a new browser, because Internet Explorer 5.0 is the standard where I work. Is there anything to do to fix this problem???

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    Default Nothing you can do...

    ...that I know of. It happens because an error occurs in the HTTP protocol that is receiving (or sending? but less likely) the bytes. Usually, a REFRESH fixes things fine for me, but I can see where that would be really annoying.<BR><BR> *might* be able to "watch" the picture being loaded with some JS code. Seems to me I remember that capability, from my bad old days on slow modems. I can&#039;t remember if that allows you to determine if the entire picture was loaded or not. But even if you can figure it out in the JS code, I&#039;m not sure what you can do about it if there is a failure.<BR><BR>

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    This happens to everyone ocassionally, but it shouldn&#039;t be happening often. If this is happening to you a lot, and with a bunch of different sites, it&#039;s probably your internet connection. If it&#039;s only happening on your site then it&#039;s a bandwidth issue. The best you can do is keep your image file sizes to a minimum. Make sure you are using a compressed image file format like jpg, gif, or png... and compress the images as much as you can without ruining the quality.

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