I am having trouble displaying files in a directory. What I want to do is display folders in a directory, such as a jpg folder, a doc folder, a pdf folder, a gif folder, etc. In each folder, except the jpg folder, all the contain are their respective file types. Thoes open nicely and I am able to view the .gif's, pdf's, .doc's, etc. However, in the jpg folder, there are more folders in that directory named job 1, job 2, etc. Inside each of those folders, there are the specific .jpg's that apply to each job. I need to be able to click on the jpg folder, at the "top" of the directory tree, and then click on the specific job number under the jpg folder, and then view the .jpg's in the job folder I have selected to view. Only hitch is, it doesn't work. I want to know, number one, is it possible to open folders inside of folders to see their content? And if so, how can I do it? Any code help would be greatly appreciated from anyone who has done something like this before. Thanks for your help