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    Hello all;<BR><BR>**** Background ****<BR>My Computer<BR>-- Windows XP<BR>-- IIS: Installed<BR>-- .Net Framework: Installed<BR>-- Visual Studio .Net: Installed<BR>-- ASP .Net sample files: Installed<BR><BR>** Problem **<BR>I attended an ASP .net training class last week. This class included a CD that I can install on my system that has both training and solution files. Therefore, I am trying to set up my system in a manner similar to the computers that I used during my class.<BR><BR>The training class I attended includes documentation for setting up my machine. The instructions are as follows:<BR><BR>Install and configure IIS<BR>Install MS SQL Server<BR>Install Visual Studio .Net<BR>Install and configure SQL database<BR>Install Classroom files<BR><BR>I have followed their instructions (I thought) without difficulty. However, when I try to run ASP .net pages loaded on my machine (via localhost), I always get the following window:<BR><BR>-------------<BR>File Download<BR>You are downloading the file:<BR><BR>login.aspx from localhost<BR><BR>Would you like to open the file or save it on your computer?<BR>-------------<BR><BR>There is one file that I am able to run without getting that message.<BR><BR>When I go into the properties for my web site, I notice in the configuration there is a mapping of the .asp extention to an asp.dll.<BR><BR>What have I configured incorrectly?<BR><BR>Thank you.

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    Try to access your file as if it&#039;s online. If you have a server, run the server and try accessing it as if your on anther machine. I noticed that when I was making some asp pages. <BR><BR>Hope that helps.

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