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    Hi;<BR><BR>I have a question concerning the root directory of our web server.<BR><BR>We are currently running a web site on our ISP&#039s NT web server, but we will be soon migrating to our own NT server. We have read recently about the parent path feature in IIS, and we plan on turning this feature off. So, if I understand things properly, that means we will need to use &#039include virtual=&#039 instead of &#039include file=&#039. (Thanks for the article on includes, Scott- that helped out a lot!)<BR><BR>My question is this. How is the root directory set on the web server? Right now the web server running off our ISPs server set up so that all our files are dumped into the root.<BR><BR>On our own server, all the files are dumped into inetpub/wwwroot/ourcompanyname/. I am concerned that if I use the virtual include that this difference in directory structure will cause me problems- so that I will need to have two sets of files- one for when we convert and one for the page as it runs now. So, my question is this- is there any way to set the &#039ourcompanyname&#039 directory as the root? Or do we have to move the files from &#039ourcompanyname&#039 to &#039wwwroot&#039? Or I am totally off base?<BR><BR>Any help would be great!<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>Chris

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    Not having the Parent Path feature enabled does not cripple #include file... Rather, it only disallows:<BR><BR>#include file="../somefile.asp"<BR><BR>(That is, you can&#039t reference a file from a parent directory)

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