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    Default Connect submit button to recordset value

    I have a simple .asp page that displays the data from an Access db (product, manufacturer, link&#039;d image ect). I also have a &#039;RentMe&#039; button that I want a user to be able to press and have it populate another page with the value of the resultant product value (gathered by &#060;%=rsGlobalWeb("Product")%&#062; )<BR><BR>How can this be achieved? Cookies, Arrays? I&#039;m a newbie so go easy. Thanks

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    Default Pass the value to the next page

    as a querystring<BR><BR><BR>you will then get that value using Request.Querystring("ParameterName") then display it<BR><BR><BR>

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    Default Place rs value in a form field...

    &#060;input name="ProductCode" type="hidden" value="&#060;%=rsGlobalWeb("Product")%&#062;"&#062 ;<BR><BR>And then in the action page from the form definition...You would use in a SQL statement like...<BR><BR>strSql = "SELECT Field1, Field2, FieldN FROM SomeTable "<BR><BR>If your id is numeric use this...<BR><BR>strSql = strSql & "WHERE ProductId = " & Trim(Request.Form("ProductCode"))<BR><BR>If your id is character use this...<BR><BR>strSql = strSql & "WHERE ProductId = " & "&#039;" & Trim(Request.Form("ProductCode")) & "&#039;"<BR><BR>KLC<BR><BR><BR><BR>

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