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    I have a list of users from a db. They are unique by an email address. On the nav bar is a list of these users. How can I put an image beside the users who are currently on the page? Example, one user&#039;s session username is marked as &#060;%=Session("username")%&#062;<BR>So... how would I say, &#060;% if Session("username") = "" then %&#062;&#060;image here&#062;&#060;% end if %&#062;<BR>Also, there can be multipul user logins at a time.

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    Default You need to..

    .. keep track of what users are logged in separately from the Session because User A&#039;s session cannot see/interact with User B&#039;s session.<BR><BR>So, start looking at some articles on keeping track of how many users are logged in. There are articles on this on and<BR><BR>-Doug

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