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    How do I make a variable which contains the URL exactly the same as appears in the browser in ASP?<BR><BR>I want to make a page which has some features for someone with the correct username and password. I will want to set it out as<BR><BR>This setup means that I can click links and the username/password will remain in the URL (as long as the links are in the format &#060;A HREF="mypage2.asp"&#062; as opposed to &#060;A HREF=""&#062;)

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    Default R&D Request.ServerVariables

    you need the Request.ServerVariables collection<BR><BR>To see all of them:<BR><BR>For each sv in Request.ServerVariables<BR> Response.Write sv & Request.ServerVariables( sv ) & "&#060;BR/&#062;"<BR>Next

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