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    Hi!<BR>I&#039;m just starting to write com-objects in c++, and I&#039;ve already encountered a problem. I&#039;ve compiled and built my object, and used it in an ASP-page, but when I want to edit the object and recompile it I get an error: <BR><BR>"LINK : fatal error LNK1104: cannot open file "Debug/katt.dll" Error executing link.exe."<BR><BR>So I can&#039;t recompile my object unless I reboot my computer. I&#039;ve written set obj=nothing in my page, but it doesn&#039;t help, and I&#039;ve tried to delete the .dll-file, but windows protests and claims that it is in use.<BR><BR>Could someone save me from this stupid problem??<BR><BR>Thank you,<BR><BR>Sebastian

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    Default Typically

    IIS keeps a hold on it... shut down IIS, and any other thing that&#039;s referencing your dll. You should be able to recompile then.

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    Go the IIS Manager, right click on the site or virtual directory, select properties and hit Unload, this should solve your problem.

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