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    I have a form on my site in which people can fill in productnumber, productname and quantity . After they have filled in the form the information is inserted into my database. I&#039;ve already made it so that the sript graps the username from a cookie and inserts that also. BUT I&#039;d like the script to insert the current date in the database. I can&#039;t get it to work with &#060;%=Date%&#062;. I suppose this can&#039;t be difficult, but maybe I&#039;m too stupid ;)<BR><BR>Please help me,<BR>Thanks in advance,<BR>Ok Impala

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    Default Let the DB do the job

    Set the field in the db with a default value of <BR><BR>Date() (Access)<BR>or<BR>GetDate() (SQL Server)<BR><BR>

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