OLEDB problem under W2000 and IIS5

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Thread: OLEDB problem under W2000 and IIS5

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    Hi,<BR><BR>We are experiencing an strange problem. From a ASP-script we query a Access97 database (OLEDB connection). Everything works fine under NT4.0 with IIS4.<BR><BR>However when we run the script on the W2000 server with IIS5 it works only for some time. After some (intensive) querying (opening the page several times) there is no response whatsoever from the server. All other ASP-scripts stop giving responses as well. No errorcodes are shown although this is activated in IIS5.<BR><BR>When we open the site from another machine (or on the same machine after closing IE and waiting some time) everything seems to work fine again until some more querying is done. Then there is no response again on this client. However when we approach the website with an IE4 client these problems do not occur. The problem only occurs with IE5+ clients in combination with W2000 server (SP2) with IIS5. MDAC 2.52.6019.2 (SP2 that is) is installed. This version of MDAC contains the latest Jet drivers (2.6 and 2.7 do not contain Jet drivers according to Microsoft).<BR><BR>I haven&#039;t found anything relating to this (strange) problem in MSKB or in any nwegroup I know. Does anyone know what could be going on here?<BR><BR>Kind regards,<BR>Marc van der Zee<BR>

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    There are a couple of things I would suggest.<BR><BR>1. In IE5 there is a settings in the Advanced tab that shows you "friendly" errors instead of the real ones (turn that feature off and run the tests to see the real error). It should show you a part of the page that works fine until it hits the error. I have a table and if I get ann error pulling info from the database and formatting it in the way I want the page suddenly where the error occurs and spits out the error.<BR><BR>2. I have updated my MDAC to the latest a while ago and haven&#039;t had any problems. <BR>What is the connection string you use? Mine is Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=&#060;database&#062;<BR><BR>It is also possible that the fact that it is an Access 97 database is messing it up. Mine are Access 2000. You might want to upgrade yous too.<BR>Hope this helps.

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