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    Call me rusty as heck, but I cannot remember this and can&#039;t find a reference on SQL Server Books Online.<BR><BR>I have a field with a description record on it. Whenever the record is saved (inserted or updated), I want to take this name field, remove all characters except A-Z (including spaces) render it uppercase and then put it on a "search me" field in the same record.<BR><BR>I can figure out the stringing stuff, I think. What is driving me crazy is -- HOW ON EARTH DO I PUT THE CHANGED FIELD INTO THE RECORD!!!!!<BR><BR>I am stumped, and as soon as I finish posting I will go call the doctor for some Aricept or other memory meds.<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>John

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    CREATE TRIGGER tr_description_UPDINS ON DescriptionTable<BR>FOR UPDATE, INSERT<BR><BR>AS<BR><BR>IF Update(Description)<BR>BEGIN<BR> UPDATE DescriptionTable<BR> SET SearchMe = UCASE(I.Description)<BR> FROM DescriptionTable D<BR> INNER JOIN Inserted I ON D.[PrimaryKey] = I.[PrimaryKey]<BR>END<BR><BR>Of course this only works for the Upper case, but just add the other string functions.<BR>Replace [PrimaryKey] with the ID field of the record.<BR>

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