I am trying to use ASPExec to run a batch job which calls Oracle Reports Runtime. It seems to open the batch file but the contents never execute...i.e. the batch file doesn&#039t start the Oracle Reports job. The batch file is OK, I can run it from the servers prompt and it will generate the report, the problem arises when I run it from my ASP page.<BR><BR>here is the code:<BR><BR>Set commandLine = Server.CreateObject("ASPExec.Execute")<BR>commandL ine.Application = "cmd.exe"<BR>commandLine.Parameters = "/c c:
eport.bat"<BR>commandLine.ShowWindow = False<BR>commandLine.ExecuteWinApp<BR><BR>here is report.bat...........<BR><BR>C:orantin
wrun60.exe module="C:Report_Applicationsalarm.rep" userid=test destype=file desname="C:Report_ApplicationsReports est.pdf" desformat=PDF StartTime="1/24/2000 09:00:00" StopTime="1/25/2000 09:00:00" batch=yes