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    geeoff Guest

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    I am trying to use ASPExec to run a batch job which calls Oracle Reports Runtime. It seems to open the batch file but the contents never execute...i.e. the batch file doesn&#039t start the Oracle Reports job. The batch file is OK, I can run it from the servers prompt and it will generate the report, the problem arises when I run it from my ASP page.<BR><BR>here is the code:<BR><BR>Set commandLine = Server.CreateObject("ASPExec.Execute")<BR>commandL ine.Application = "cmd.exe"<BR>commandLine.Parameters = "/c c:
    eport.bat"<BR>commandLine.ShowWindow = False<BR>commandLine.ExecuteWinApp<BR><BR>here is report.bat...........<BR><BR>C:orantin
    wrun60.exe module="C:Report_Applicationsalarm.rep" userid=test destype=file desname="C:Report_ApplicationsReports est.pdf" desformat=PDF StartTime="1/24/2000 09:00:00" StopTime="1/25/2000 09:00:00" batch=yes<BR><BR>

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    amby Guest

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    I am facing the same problem please let me know if u get the solution.<BR>I am facing one more problem, since u are working with oracle u can help me on this i assume, I want to know how to call orcle stored procedures which return me an Cursor as output parameter from asp script, the cursor returned by oracle will be my resultset in asp page.<BR>

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