HELP!<BR><BR>I am trying to use client-side VB Script (need to use client-side) to reference radio buttons on the same page. I need to use variables referencing an array, not the name of the radio buttom itself in the script. I need to call the value of the radio button (or see it if is checked). I want to LOOP through the radio buttons which is why I wantr to use a variable instead of the actual name of the radio buttons. My subroutine works if I use the name of the radio button, but when I use a variable in its place, instead of the radio button value, I get a string...see script below:<BR><BR>X1 = form.Q00007D9D(0).value &#039;sets the value of x1 to "1" which is the value of the 1st radio button Q00007D9D(0)<BR><BR>But if I use the following script:<BR><BR>AttArray = Array("Q00007D9D", "Q00007DD5")<BR>N_Array = Array("0", "1")<BR> <BR>X1 = "form." + AttArray(0) + "(" + N_Array(0) + ").value"<BR><BR>x1 is set equal to the the string:<BR>"form.Q00007D9D(0).value " not the value 1.<BR><BR>How can I use the array and still have the value of x1 be set equal to the value of the radio button?<BR><BR>Thanks!<BR>Chris