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    Default ASP Pages with in DIV tags

    Hi,<BR>I would like to use DIV tags to hide and show a group of FORM elements,but each different div tag is a different main level functionality and the number of form elements to put in one ASP page is I decided to split each main level functionality in to a different ASP pages..<BR>but I don&#039;t know how to invoke a different ASP page from with in a DIV tag and I am not sure whether this is possible..<BR>Can anyone please help me..<BR>Thanks.

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    Default Use an IFRAME or ILAYER

    or just #include your ASP between the &#060;div&#062;&#060;/div&#062; tags (obviously you&#039;d have to ditch any &#060;html&#062;&#060;head&#062;&#060;body&#062 ; stuff from the included ASP).

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