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    I am using the &#060;input type=file&#062;&#060;/input&#062; to allow the user to input a file path. I am then using the file system object to validate the existence of a file before processing it. However, the user must set up the site as a trusted site in order to allow the file system object to access the client file system. Is there any other way to validate the existence of a file without using the file system object?<BR><BR>Thanks.

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    There must be, as &#060;INPUT TYPE="file"&#062; is used on many major sites, such as Yahoo! MSN! and others, and I know I havn&#039;t set up these as trusted sites.<BR><BR>Just investigating...<BR><BR>&#060;About 1 minute later&#062;<BR><BR>I reckon, from looking at the source that something is done on the server. I don&#039;t know much about file inputs, but I&#039;m assuming that a page such as an asp page uses Request.Form and somehow saves the file. I think that if no file is uploaded (ie, the file does not exist) then nothing is saved. Maybe, on the server, you could use if(Request.Form(&#039;fileInput&#039;) == "")...<BR><BR>I don&#039;t know.

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