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    Hi guys,<BR><BR>We did setup our IIS server to use an SSL certificate. So, it&#039;s done but there is a problem : My asp pages, can be access with both protocol http and https. But I want the web site run ONLY with HTTPS ( only with secure connexion ).<BR><BR>How does it work? Do I need to test it in the code ( is it possible? ) Or is it an IIS configuration? <BR><BR>Please feel free to give me suggestion/links. Every research I&#039;m doing on HTTPS do talk about it, but never mention how to "desactive" or test that the page is secure ( not using https ).<BR><BR><BR>Coset<BR>

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    Default redirect

    Check the servervariables at the top of each page, if it is not on the secure site, forward the user over to it....<BR><BR>Then you don&#039;t have to worry about it.<BR><BR>-=- whol

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