HELP!!!!<BR><BR>I&#039;m trying to validate radio buttons using client-side VBscript (need client-side unfortunately). I&#039;m using some VB Script code that works, but when I replace the INPUT names with variables (so I can LOOP) the code doesn&#039;t work anymore...for instance:<BR><BR>x1=form.Q00007D9D(1).value &#039;sets x1 equal to 1, which is the value of the 1st element of the Radio Button named Q00007D9D.<BR><BR>if I try to concatenate variables using:<BR><BR>MyArray1 = Array("Q00007D9D", "Q00007DD5")<BR>MyArray2 = Array("1","2")<BR><BR>x1="forms." + MyArray1(0) + "(" + MyArray2(0) + ")" + ".value" <BR><BR>&#039;I get garbage...actually I get the string "forms.Q00007D9D(1).value" .How can I concatenate these variables to produce the value "1" I get by typing the string literally?<BR><BR>Thanks!!!!!!<BR><BR>Chris<BR>cjg