I&#039;m using an Access database as the source and use a oleDBDataAdapter to retrieve records and put them in a dataset. Everything is displayed in a standard datagrid.<BR><BR>I have no problems selecting the desired records and editing them then pushing them back to the database using an oleDBCommandBuilder and UpDate command.<BR><BR>One odd thing I find is that if I add a new record, call the update command, then edit the same record prior to editing any other, I get a "Concurrency Violation" error....<BR><BR>I&#039;ve tried explicitly setting the adapter to nothing, refilling the dataset after the update, but nothing seems to get past the error.<BR><BR>If I call the update, then open the database in Access, the record is saved correctly, but trying edit it from my aspx site keeps kicking this error.<BR><BR>Any suggestions ??<BR><BR>Tom T