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    string strConnection = ConnectionString();<BR> OleDbConnection objConnection = new OleDbConnection(strConnection);<BR> <BR> string strAddEmployeeSQL = "SELECT * FROM OrgEmployee";<BR> DataSet objDataSet = new DataSet();<BR> OleDbDataAdapter objAdapter = new OleDbDataAdapter(strAddEmployeeSQL, objConnection);<BR> objAdapter.Fill(objDataSet, "OrgEmployee");<BR> <BR> DataTable objTable;<BR> DataRow objNewRow;<BR> <BR> objTable = objDataSet.Tables["OrgEmployee"];<BR> objNewRow = objTable.NewRow();<BR> objNewRow["FEID"] = Request.Cookies["PayOut"]["FEID"];<BR> objNewRow["SSN"] = Request.Form["SSN"];<BR> objNewRow["LName"] = Request.Form["LastName"];<BR> objNewRow["FName"] = Request.Form["FirstName"];<BR> objNewRow["MName"] = Request.Form["MiddleName"];<BR><BR> objTable.Rows.Add(objNewRow);<BR> <BR> OleDbCommandBuilder objBuilder = new OleDbCommandBuilder(objAdapter);<BR> objAdapter.UpdateCommand = objBuilder.GetUpdateCommand();<BR> objAdapter.InsertCommand = objBuilder.GetInsertCommand();<BR> objAdapter.DeleteCommand = objBuilder.GetDeleteCommand();<BR> objAdapter.Update(objDataSet, "OrgEmployee");<BR><BR>I am getting an error saying there is something wrong with my INSERT statement. How can I print the SQL statement? thanks

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    Try to write the value of: <BR>objBuilder.GetInsertCommand();<BR><BR>From the MSDN:<BR>"An application can use the GetInsertCommand method for informational or troubleshooting purposes because it returns the text of the OleDbCommand object to be executed."<BR><BR>

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