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    May be simple. But somehow i am not getting idea how to do this.<BR><BR>I have a form. When the user hits the submit button he needs to be taken to a confirm page inorder to confirm the information submitted. From the confirm page the actual submit of the form should take place .He should be allowed to edit in case he needs to.<BR>Please advice me on how to do this. I am also using cdonts to receive email of the user information.<BR>Thanks

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    take him to the confirmation page with an edit link and a submit link<BR><BR><BR>save all the data in hidden fields then based on the lick take him back and repopulate or save<BR><BR>

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    you can popup a new window of like 250 by 150 that says, if the information is correct and you&#039;d like to submit click ok. If they click ok, use javascript to submit the parentwindow, and close the popped up window.

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