Jeff Scott<BR>2466 S. Bascom Ave <BR>Campbell Ca 95008<BR>Phone: 408-377-7359<BR>Email:<BR>Web Page:<BR><BR>Objective:<BR><BR>Obtain a position as a Web Developer.<BR><BR>Computer Skills:<BR><BR>Languages<BR><BR>ASP<BR>SQL<BR>Java Script<BR>VBScript<BR>Visual Basic<BR>ADO <BR><BR>Database<BR><BR>SQL Server 7<BR>SQL Server 2000<BR>MS Access <BR><BR>Software<BR><BR>Visual Interdev<BR>Adobe Photoshop<BR>Adobe Imageready<BR>Macromedia Flash 5<BR>MS Visual Basic<BR>DreamWeaver<BR>HomeSite <BR><BR>Environment<BR><BR>NT Server<BR>Win 2K Professional<BR>Win 2K Server<BR><BR><BR>Experience:<BR><BR>March 2001 - October 2001: <BR>Philips Semiconductors, Sunnyvale CA.<BR>ASP Web Developer:<BR><BR>Developed functionality to display ASP recordset from MS Access<BR>database and give user option to populate both MS Word and/or Excel Document.<BR><BR>Developed MS Access Database which uses a Tree-Structure Model. <BR>This Database comprises the Failure Analysis Rogues Gallery.<BR>(FA Codes with parts that have failed )<BR><BR>Developed ASP application which enables FA Engineers to make<BR>any appropriate changes to Database, as long as Engineer has Admin Rights.<BR><BR>Developed functionality that enables posting of photos and PDF files<BR>to Database which is accomplished via form’s file upload feature.<BR><BR>Implemented use of the Session Objecd which makes this application<BR>Password protected and secure from unauthorized users.<BR><BR>Implemented multi-field search engine for Engineers to search for Failure Analysis Reports.<BR><BR>Developed functionality to upload files to the database and disk using<BR>SA File Up.<BR><BR>September 2000 - February 2001 <BR>SK Consulting, San Jose CA.<BR>ASP Web Developer:<BR><BR>Converted Cornish and Carey’s Website from CGI to ASP. This dynamically driven website was backed by a SQL Server 7.0 database. <BR><BR>Developed text-based search engine using the Microsoft Indexing Service to search website based on keywords.<BR><BR>Developed admin section of website which interfaces with a SQL Server Database. Changes to the database are enabled in this section<BR>via ADO.<BR><BR>Created all graphics for webstie using Adobe Photoshop and Imageready to cut images up and implemented rollover functionality using Javascript and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). <BR><BR>August 1998 - June 2000 <BR>Silicon Valley Bank, Santa Clara CA.<BR>Web Developer/Content Manager:<BR><BR>Created ASP Application to view company phonebook via intranet.<BR><BR>Created ASP Application which surveyed employees skills using bankwide systems.<BR><BR>Maintained Silicon Valley Bank’s public page.<BR><BR>Installed and configured Data Warehouse software on Bankwide Systems. <BR><BR>Wrote multiple application in MS Access for Finance Dept.<BR><BR>Education<BR><BR>Bachelor of Science Degree in Business: Management Information Systems<BR>San Jose State University, 1999<BR><BR>Bachelor of Science Degree in Business: Marketing<BR>San Jose State University, 1995