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    Harish H Guest

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    Hi I tried to create a project in Visual Interdev with PWS running in NT server. WHile i tried to create the project,<BR>it tells<BR> "THE WEBSERVER DOESNOT APPEAR TO HAVE AUTHENTICATION METHODS ENABLED. THE SERVER HAS ASKED FOR USER AUTHENTICATION, BUT DIDNT SEND WWW-AUTHENTICATE HEADER"<BR><BR>Anybody have idea on this, please help me. <BR>It gives the problem after i typed my computer name in visual interdev<BR>Please help me in solving this problem.<BR><BR>Harish H

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    mark.vick@aventis.com Guest

    Default RE: No authentication enabled.

    I have seen this before with IIS. I am trying to remember exactly what it was, and all I can choke up is that I think I did not have Challenge/Response checked for that particular website, therefore IIS did not know who was supposed to publish. Not sure if that helps, but if this is the only site, and you can&#039t figure out the permissions, I would remove and re-install PWS. I think something is out of order, is all. This sounds like a permissions problem, though.

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