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    what&#039;s the best way to display hierarchal data from a database? here&#039;s my situation... i have a commerce store and i want a categories list. i want to be able to display a list of categories and sub-categories under each category for the particular category i&#039;m in right now. for example...<BR><BR>TV, DVD & VIDEO<BR> DVD Players<BR> TVs<BR> Surround Sound<BR><BR>COMPUTERS<BR> Desktop PCs<BR> Laptops<BR><BR>and so on and so forth. in classic ASP, i used datashaping in the SQL syntax and then set a new recordset to each part of the statement like so...<BR><BR>SHAPE{SELECT ... FROM ...} AS something<BR>APPEND(SHAPE{SELECT ... FROM ...} AS somethingelse<BR>RELATE ... TO ...)<BR><BR>then when looping, i would set the recordset to a particular part of the SQL<BR><BR>SET rs = recordset("something").Value<BR><BR>QUESTION- what&#039;s the best way to do this in ASP.NET?

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    Default datagrid drill down

    While this may not be exactly what you&#039;re looking for (aesthetically) it certainly provides similar functionality:<BR><BR>http://dotnetjunkies.com/howto/default.aspx?id=22<BR><BR>])ry

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