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    Hi<BR><BR>(1) I have two questions. I recently installed win2k and set up IIS so i could run my website of it. The website that i am running off it works fine online but it doesnt find the database when running through IIS. I have it set to a DSNless connection (so it would work online) and i was wondering would this cause the problem. Here is the string i am using:<BR><BR>Set Conn = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")<BR>tempCon n = Server.MapPath("./database/calander.mdb")<BR>ConStr = "Driver={Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)}; DBQ=" & tempConn & ";"<BR><BR><BR>Any ideas ??<BR><BR>(2) I have another very large website that was working fine on PWS for W98 but again wont work on IIS. It connects using a DSN connection but doesnt seem to like the include files. I have tried putting it online but I get a database error which I would expect seeing I have yet to change it to a DSNless connection but I dont get this include error.<BR><BR>Active Server Pages error &#039;ASP 0234&#039; <BR><BR>Invalid include directive <BR><BR>E:PROJECTSOUTIN.COMONLINEMAIN../scripts/tools.asp, line 3 <BR><BR>Server side include directives may not be present in script blocks. Please use the SRC= attribute of the &#060;SCRIPT&#062; tag<BR><BR><BR>It doest not seem to like the include line i have in some of the pages, i.e. &#060;!-- #include file="../scripts/tools.asp" --&#062;.<BR><BR>Sorry about the large mail but any help would be much appreciated. Finally (I know I am pushing my luck), but my Asp skills and Html skills are pretty ok by now. So i have decided to learn a few more skills, currently learning DreamWeaver and I was thinking about reading a book on Jscript. But I dont know what would be best...strengthen my Asp skills, learn Jscript, or look into Asp.Net. I want to get a job in Web development or Software Engineering (web projects) so i thought i would need to know a little Jscript.<BR><BR>THANKS and sorry for being so long....<BR><BR>

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    (1) What&#039;s the error the script is giving? Perhaps the driver isn&#039;t available on your computer? Otherwise maybe the database file isn&#039;t available (if it&#039;s open in MS Access or if IUSR_XX doesn&#039;t have access to the folder it&#039;s in)?<BR><BR>(2) As the error says, place the &#060;!--#include file="../scripts/tools.asp"--&#062; outside of the &#060;script&#062;..&#060;/script&#062; or &#060;%..%&#062; tags. This include should probably best placed at the very top of your ASP script.<BR><BR>Good luck!,

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