On the page http://www.4guysfromrolla.com/webtech/092298-3.shtml of 4Guys, I have found once again that the REMOTE_HOST variable is supposed to do what I want it to but I cannot figure out how. The page mentions that "if the server does not have this information, it will set REMOTE_ADDR and leave this empty." I have recently moved to a new server that apparently also does not have this information. Do any servers? How can I get it to work? It is very important for me to attain this information and a reverse DNS lookup is too resource intensive. I have searched through tons of books and Internet pages and have not been able to figure this out. A book I own also states that "the REMOTE_HOST variable contains the full DNS hostname for the requesting client or agent if the server is able to obtain this information." Again, hundreds of tries from hundreds of requesting computers throughout the world were not able to be obtained. The variable simply returns the IP address (which is what the REMOTE_ADDR variable is for).<BR><BR>Thank you,<BR>Michael Wilson<BR>MikeLDS@cyberdude.com