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    In Access if we use special characters like qqotations in forms like (jkhjfdsa",&#039;fsdafs&#039;sdfsdf&#039;) it takes it as an query and gives error we can over come this by using replace statements , I guess once Bill Wilkinson told me this. But I would like to know which is the Database which is &#039;&#039; and other special character friendly Database . Dose this problem also happens in SQL SERVER and ORACLE ?<BR><BR>thanks and best regards<BR>R

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    Default The rule is same as in JavaScript...

    You can *either* enclose you literal strings in SQL with "..." or with &#039;...&#039;. <BR><BR>Whichever one you use to enclose the string is the one you must double up inside the string. The other one can be left alone.<BR><BR>So, examples:<BR><BR>SELECT ... WHERE someField = &#039;He said, "Isn&#039;&#039;t this great?" with enthusiasm.&#039;<BR><BR>*OR* <BR><BR>SELECT ... WHERE someField = "He said, ""Isn&#039;t this great?"" with enthusiasm."<BR><BR>**************<BR><BR>We usually use the first form when creating SQL from VBScript, since in order to put two quotes into the SQL string we&#039;d have to use four quotes in VBScript. Ugh.<BR><BR>And this has nothing to do with the database you use; this is just a part of the rules of the SQL language.<BR><BR>[ And in Javascript you do the same thing, but instead of doubling up the enclosing quote character in a string, you put a backslash in front of it. Such as:<BR><BR>var foo = &#039;He said, "Isn&#039;t this great?" with enthusiasm.&#039;;<BR>or<BR>var foo = "He said, \"Isn&#039;t this great?\" with enthusiasm.";<BR><BR>but you can see that the idea is the same.]<BR><BR><BR>

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