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    This might be perceived as "dumb" but what are the major differences between ASP 3.0 and ASP.NET?<BR><BR>Thank you,<BR><BR>Brad

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    Default One says 3.0 and the other says .NET

    Couldn&#039;t resist. There are very big differences between the two. ASP is much simpler to pick up and makes ASP.NET much easier to learn.<BR><BR>With ASP.NET, you have C#, VB.NET, and C++.NET as language<BR>choices to use in your pages. This is just one of the many differences.

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    As a fellow newbie-ish guy, I see the primary difference as a coding thing.<BR><BR>Classic ASP uses VBScript as a default. (JScript can be specified and probably others). VBScript is very easy for anyone to learn.<BR><BR>ASP.NET uses fancier languages like C++, C# or Java, each of which is much more complicated than VBScript (though if you took a class, it might be easier). Plus there are lots of syntax changes to a .NET page.<BR><BR>That&#039;s why I&#039;m stuck with Classic ASP - too dumb to learn the new stuff.<BR><BR>There are probably other concerns, like hosting costs, etc., but those will dissappear over time.<BR><BR>As a true layman, Classic ASP is probably easier learn, quicker to launch, and cheaper to host. Plus there&#039;s tons of free classic ASP code snippets around.

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