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    I&#039;m trying to create an ASP page that able to store the address history of the page which have been browsed in the past by getting to the History object of the Internet Explorer.<BR><BR>Is there anyway to get to the History object properties that stores the address value of the previously browsed page using ASP? I&#039;m using Interdev 6.<BR>Thanks in advance.

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    Default No... huge security and ethics hole

    What if a company could look through your entire history to see every site you&#039;ve been to in the last 20 days? You wouldn&#039;t like it, would you?<BR><BR>So, no, it can&#039;t be done. Thankfully.

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    Well, keep in mind that the History object will be accessed on the client side (and although you can use VBScript for client-side programming in IE) so let&#039;s assume you&#039;ll be using good ol&#039; (barf, ack) JavaScript (aka JScript) to get those history values.<BR><BR>What you can do is access the history object in JavaScript, assign that value to a hidden text box (ie &#060;input type=&#039;hidden&#039;&#062;) and then submit the form to the server. Once you have it at the server, well, you *cough* should know what to do - you can access it via the Request.Form or Request.Querystring commands depending on the method attribute of your form.<BR><BR>Problem is.... I&#039;m not so sure you can get the URL of the browser&#039;s last page visited via the history object in IE. I&#039;ll leave you to investigate that since I didn&#039;t bring my JavaScript book with me today. Um... I&#039;d investigate first before coding anything - you may save yourself some time.<BR><BR>Here&#039;s the JScript Reference if you need it:<BR>&#060;A HREF=""& #062;JScript Reference&#060;/A&#062;<BR>

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