I'm calling batch file that sleeps long, page

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Thread: I'm calling batch file that sleeps long, page

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    Default I'm calling batch file that sleeps long, page

    This is what I&#039; doing: I am using aspexec to call a batch file on the server, The batch file does some things on the server, then goes to sleep for an hour, then wakes up and does some more things, then deletes itself.<BR><BR>Everything works great except that the calling asp page stops and "I think" is simply waiting for the entire batch file to finish - but it won&#039;t for an hour. (after a while I get an error saying script timeout - even though the batch file is actually running at the server)<BR><BR>I would like the page to call the batch file then somehow "go away" Can anyone suggest how to close out the page after I initially fire off the batch file. And is this OK to do?<BR><BR>PS - This is a closed Intranet, security is not a huge priority at the moment.<BR>

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    Default try the ExecuteWinAppAndWait property

    i assume you are using the Server Objects brand of aspexec.<BR>try the ExecuteWinAppAndWait property. set to false. you don&#039;t wait for the batch to finish, you just want to run it.<BR><BR>you could also try using "start". <BR>this starts a batch in it&#039;s own process and does not wait for the result.<BR>usage: start 1.bat<BR>

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