i am learning xml at the moment so decided to try to create a forum using an xml layer. i wanted to make the forum usable on both sql server and access so i didn&#039;t want to use a recursive sp. what my plan is. from the thread table i create an xml document in the form<BR>thread_main<BR> thread question_id="1" thread_id="1" parent_id="0"<BR> thread_text this is the 1st reply /thread_text<BR> /thread<BR> thread question_id="1" thread_id="2" parent_id="0"<BR> thread_text this is the 2nd reply /thread_text<BR> /thread<BR> thread question_id="1" thread_id="2" parent_id="1"<BR> thread_text this is the 1st reply to 1st reply /thread_text<BR> /thread<BR>/thread_main<BR><BR>i wanted to either create a second xml doc using recursion to order it correcly before displaying it with an xsl stylesheet<BR>or use and xsl stylesheet to do the recursion.<BR>so far i can&#039;t get the stylesheet to do what i want i can&#039;t<BR>get the xsl:call template to work.<BR><BR>any suggestions would be appreciated.