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    I'm working on an application which allows the user to select which fields in the database to search on through a series of checboxes. After producing the results of the query, I want to give the user the ability to give the query results a name and save them to the database. I'm looking for general approaches on how to do this. Would I save the SQL statment as a file? Anyone know of any articles on doing this? Thanks.

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    Default It depends....

    ...but you could just save the SQL statement as a field in a record.<BR><BR>Have a table which has fields for a title, the user id and the sql statement, and then let them generate their own "views" of the code as they see fit...<BR><BR>Hmm, nice idea...<BR><BR>Craig.

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    The SQL statement is just string right? There&#039;s no reason you can&#039;t just save the statement itself in a database under a varchar field or something like that.

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