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    I am trying to write a SELECT statement that would select * from a certain table where the date field is less than 2 months old.<BR>Is there a way to do this by using the SQL syntax and not ASP&#039;s date/time functions?

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    most DBMS has support for datetime arithmetics. Unfortunately they almost all differ from each other and from the SQL standard. So, which dbms are you using?

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    Well i read your message, and I have to admit that Dates are the bain of my life.. so I have a simple solution that is cross platform and i use it all the time if i get stuck with dates, as I do cos I&#039;m always having to add on new features to sites where people have stored dates as strings.. nasty habit folk have!<BR><BR>When you have a date stored in a field, simply add another column to your database and store the date as a reversed date,<BR>ie: 01/04/2002 becomes 20020401<BR>this makes it easier to perform searches by date, well i think so, and not much can go wrong with it.<BR><BR>email me at nathan@netformatt.co.uk if you want to know more cos i don&#039;t have time to put up loads of example coding here. But i do have some handy functions i have made that slice up dates and convert them into backwards dates so...

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