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    Default Creating Charts with OWC

    Hello everyone,<BR><BR>I read the 4Guys articles on creating charts using the Office Web Components, and now I&#039;m looking for more information on them. There doesn&#039;t seem to be much good documentation, however. I found a DOM diagram on MSDN but there are no real examples on creating different kinds of charts and such.<BR><BR>Does anyone have some good resources on this topic?<BR><BR>Thanks a bunch,<BR>Neils Christoffersen

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    Default I had the same problem

    I had the same problem a while back. I ended up buying a 3rd party control for my client. It was actually a good deal. The control was like 1300$ (chartFx IE 5.5) but it saved me about a weeks worth of work. So we made money by buying it! Not bad. It has very very very good documentation.

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