Dear All,<BR><BR>I have been given the task of creating a questionnaire. However, not a static ASP one. The person I am doing it for will want to be able to define how many questions are on it (at any one time), between 1 and 20. Also, what those questions are. <BR><BR>So I need to create a web page where this user can :<BR>-pick from the number of questions he wants (from a drop down?)<BR>-that number of boxes would then appear where the questions would be enetered.<BR>- the answers would be in the form of radio buttons, but anywhere beteween 2 and 4. The labels would also need to be definable (pass as parameters?)<BR><BR>The problem is, I know only BASIC asp! Any help you can all give me to start this in the tright direction would be great.<BR><BR>BTW. the info above I would enter into a databse and would then read values from this database to compile the actual form.<BR><BR><BR>Thanks all.