Vs.net GUI tools....to use or not?

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Thread: Vs.net GUI tools....to use or not?

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    When creating asp.net applications is it best to use the vs.net GUI tools or code it all manually?<BR><BR>I have been playing with things like the SqlDataAdapter and DataSet in their GUI form and while they seem great for some simple select statements and such they don&#039;t seem to work well for more complex tasks.<BR><BR>Example... I have a simple SQL stored proc that returns some values via a SELECT statement. Works great using the GUI stuff until I go and add an input parameter into the stored proc.<BR><BR>Unless I hard code the input value into the collections list in the data adapter I can&#039;t use the preview data options. Meaning, if I set it to grab the input INT from the value of a drop down list the preview data will error out.<BR><BR>So, what is everyone doing? Is anyone using the GUI data tools or just manually coding?

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    All by hand here ... though I&#039;m decidedly antiGUI ;) I almost always find the same things true that you have. Works great for simple stuff that lasts you all of a few hours and then you have to abandon it and code by hand. I&#039;m sure there are ways, just not worth the time imo. Besides, once you&#039;ve built a few things you can easily grab snippets of code to save ya time. <BR><BR>])ry

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