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    I have a web server running NT 4.0, IIS 4.0, and SQL Server 7. When I make large queries through SQL directly (query analyzer), the processing makes use of both processors. However, when SQL Server queries are run within ASP, only one processor is being utilized. I also have both processors selected for use in the SQL Server properties, as well as 'use all available processors' selected within the parallelism section. What do I need to do to correct this?.. thanks..

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    I read it in one of the IIS 5 white papers that it scales over 4 Processors out of the box.<BR>It is possible that IIS 4 is not for behind.<BR>I am not surprised that IIS does not allow your process span over both processors. I wouldn&#039;t want one of the sites I host to take up the entire machine&#039;s power even for a second.<BR>This could be a protective measure.<BR>To make sure read the white paper and see what it says about ASP and multi-processing.<BR>

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