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    i need to retrieve a list box value from a previous page. the list box has the value of the id and the label is the field name. I can get the id ok from request("listbox"), but i am trying to get the field name so when the user selects it and hits go, takes them to a page that sais you have selected "fieldname",does anyone no how i can get the field name aswell as the id field or do ineed to create a new recordset. I tried request listbox.selected and a few other things but unable to ge the correct syntax or maybe i am on the wrong track here<BR>thankyou <BR>lea

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    Default The only thing which... sent is the VALUE. The LABEL isn&#039;t sent. So, either you have to look it up in your database again, or you need to have another method of sending it (finding the value in JavaScript before the form is submitted and then hiding it in a field).<BR><BR>Sorry.<BR><BR>Craig.

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