I’m trying to create a robust stored procedure to work with the DataGrid and Customer Paging. I enjoyed reading your article “Examination of the DataGrid” from the 4guysfromrolla.com web site. Seems like most articles are “the basics”, but most applications need to be way more robust. I have use the following stored procedure to bring back all my users.<BR>--------------------<BR>CREATE PROCEDURE Get_Users<BR> @LastName varchar(50) = Null<BR>AS<BR>SELECT <BR> FirstName, LastName<BR>FROM <BR> tblUsers<BR>WHERE<BR> LastName = COALESCE(@LastName, LastName)<BR>-------------------<BR>I either pass nothing to it, or pass a value for LastName. Using the Coalesce function, I get all the rows that are equal to LastName or all the rows regardless, with one exception. If Nothing is passed into LastName as a parameter then LastName defaults to Null. The problem is the Select statement returns all rows in the table that are NOT equal to Null.<BR> <BR>My Question is this: Is there a way to see ALL rows, regardless if there is data in it, or Null…is that possible in a Stored Procedure?<BR><BR>Randy