how2 make ordered list (<li> -style) fro

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Thread: how2 make ordered list (<li> -style) fro

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    philipp Guest

    Default how2 make ordered list (<li> -style) fro

    I need to create a list (or tree-like structure) for navigation purpose from results from database. And I have absolutely no idea how 2 do it :). it should look like this:<BR>header1<BR> item1<BR> item2<BR> item[x]<BR>header2<BR> items[x]<BR>Could anybody advice a tutorial, or ready solution? (tutorial is better). Thanks.

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    Gundi Guest

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    Use the Following code after getting connected to database iusing ADOs.Suppose that in databse two columns r there.Name,Url.<BR>&#060;% Response.Write "&#060;Ol&#062;"<BR>Do Until Rs.Eof<BR>&#060;response.Write "&#060;a Href="&rs(0)&"&#062;&#060;Li&#062;"&Rs(1)&"&#062;" <BR>Rs.moveNext<BR>Next%&#062;<BR>There could be some Syntax error I hope u can solve it.<BR>If the problem persists contact me at <BR><BR>

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