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    Aneesh Kumar Puttur Guest

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    How do i manage session variables in web farm, if i am in mid of browseing and in the mid of request if the load balancing system points you to the other domain all session variables created on other domain is lost and new session id will get created now how do i control my session variable without losing them no matter how many times WLBS switches between servers.<BR>

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    Brad Kingsley Guest

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    You should consider using a combination of cookies, hidden form fields, and a persistant data store - like SQL Server.<BR><BR>-Brad Kingsley, MCP - NT, IIS4<BR>Reliable Windows NT Web Hosting<BR>ORCS Web, Inc -<BR><BR><BR>

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    Sathiya Guest

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    Hi Really i dont know the solution but some time back in the MSDN CD they had a seminar where they said u need to use some network product i forgot the name which will route specific pages to only one server so that the user cant move to another server till he ends his session. May be you can get some details if you see MSDN site or CD.

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