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    Michael Yu Guest

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    [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Login failed for user...<BR><BR>after i keyin the userid & password, it display the message like this. i want to ask if i have make any mistake in the odbc setting? any all possible causes for this failure?

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    Trung Dang Guest

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    Michael,<BR><BR>Did you remember to create a user account on the SQL Server for the IIS machine? Be default, an annonyous account--IUSR_MACHINENAME--is created when you installed IIS. You will need to create a login with this name on your SQL Server and give it the permission to access the database that you want to interact with from your ASP application.<BR><BR>In addition, you should also make sure that annonymous access is granted on your IIS server--or at the very least, your web application&#039s directory. Make sure the password that&#039s listed there matches with what&#039s in the domain.<BR><BR>Email me at trung.dang@usa.net if you need help.<BR><BR>Trung

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